Surge protector??

Is this an old surge protector. Was in a 1962 panel. Had two wires, each attached to a separate lug on a double pole breaker.


I am not sure. Holden was a electric motor materials and parts distributor. It looks like a resistor of some sort. I am sure someone will chime in.

Looks like a start capacitor to me.
Don’t know why it would be there.

Capacitor, like one for a motor or HID fixture.


I would guess capacitor. The only reason one puts capacitors on power lines is for power factor correction. (which is pointless in residential as power factor is not calculated in billing)

Thanks for the input guys. I was not sure what I was looking at but a capacitor makes sense. The previous home owner was an electrician and I found lots of…shall I say creative findings.

This is interesting.

It seems to be a old surge protector. Long history to me. The surge protector that I’m using is 6 outlets surge protector with 4 usb charging ports. I like this tool since there is no dangerous of charging. Now I charge more than 4 outlets in the same time. Maybe you can search bestekmall on Google to catch more details about it. Wish this point is helpful to you. Best regards.

Could also be an EMI/RFI filter - I have put a few on in past for guys who had ham radio licenses; and either caused problems with appliances or had noise in their receivers. Usually at their lower end frequencies. I know one case where every time transmitting on 160 meters would cause central vacuum to start, a capacitor (or in this case RFI filter) prevented this from occurring. Capacitors do not protect against surges - you need metal oxide varistors (MOV) to do that job.

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