cloth covered wire

I am sure this is tccw but wanted to check in with the experts before I turn in my report. Appraisers office says this is a 1954 house but the site also says it 28yrs old so I am inclined not to trust this information.

Also I need help with this installation method of this type of surge suppressor.

thank you in advance

The double tap for the surge protector is NG. The condcutors should land on a two pole CB.

Each of the neutrals need to be terminated in a single hole in the neutral bar.

Those look like tin coated copper conductors as you’ve suggested. The tin keeps the copper from reacting with the rubber insulation. Since all of the other conductors appear to be Thermoplastic, a conservative estimate would be that those tinned conductors have to be at least 30 years old.

Conservative indeed.

You’re right I meant 50 years old.

I always recommend a upgrade on cloth wire.
It gets brittle and poses a hazard over time.

Thank you guys…your the best.

I guess the appraisers website was right that the house was a 1954 home.

Check the toilets if they are original inside the tank for age.

The Electrician sitting next to me says that the stuff is ok and if you see any issues with it recommend an evaluation.

The Electrician is not very good.

You can assess his abilities from a comment on a Forum?

Well he’s got 20 years in the trade. Your the HI and he’s the expert. A HI shouldn’t recommend replacement of anything with out seeing a problem. There is no visible issue with the wire, and like I said if you see one a evaluation was recommended. The electrician can do destructive test like bending the wire 90 degrees to see if the insulation cracks, we can’t.

I’m 50 years old and if you bend me 90 degrees, I’ll crack.:smiley: