Surge protectors

I know double taps are incorrect, but is there another way to install these surge protectors . Are there lugs that can be installed on the main breaker to accept this? Any help would be appreaciated

Put in a two pole breaker in the panel .Worked for me… Roy

Thanks Roy
Also can the protector be in the panel or is the same as a door bell transformer and needs to be outside. Thanks

I dont know about Florida but in Montana they must be outside the panel.

My thoughts too, just needed back up Thanks

John, most of them designed to be installed hidden in the panel are worthless:

Since they can only be used one time, you have no way of telling if they are still working or not!

FPL installed surge protection?

They like to install double tapped directly to service feeds.

FPL gets away with just about anything they want…


They also like to install their management equipment to pool pumps and in the rare instances where they do it correctly, the homeowner is curious why the pump now comes on at midnight!

If FPl does it is it a legal double tap?
Do you still report them?
I’ve found 8 or 9 in the past two weeks.
All 70s and 80s houses

I would like to know as well. Should it be written up as a “double lug” or is it okay in this one instance (as long as the unit is installed outside the panel)?

Double taps are wrong I always wrote them up .

What happened after was not my concern .

Here’s a rather nice article below with a few diagrams that may help clear this up…


Thanks Bert
I understand the service drop or latteral not being under the NEC , but don’t the utility company service stop at the weather head? I mean who is responsible for service from the weather head connections down to the meter and main breaker?

John the key may be in the underlined and bold text (my doing). This of course is my guess as I don’t know for fact…

90.2 Scope of the NEC.
(B) What Isn’t Covered. The NEC doesn’t apply to:
(5) Electric Utilities. The NEC doesn’t apply to installations under the exclusive control of an electric utility where such installations:
a. Consist of service drops or service laterals and associated metering. Figure 90–1


FPL claims they are installed by licensed electricians. I do not list the FPL lighting arrester/surge protectors as deficiencies. I agree with Humberto and view them as “associated metering”. A Sparky I know slam the FPL installs as a rip off, but not because of how they are installed.

Jay, the only FPL provided hard-installed surge protectors I know of are their whole house devices that install between the meter and the meter base. I have it on my house.

There is nothing to be double tapped about this installation in Port St. Lucie, FL.

BTW, FPL guarantees the effectiveness of these devices on certain installed household equipment.

For about $10/mo. I like the guaranteed protection.

Why does the guy you know call them a rip off? B/C they cut into his ability to sell similar types of devices?

Associated metering device

works for me

Thanks guys

first panel this morning , there it is

That looks like an aftermarket type of device, something that FPL would not touch in Fort Pierce, FL.