Surge protectors

BTW, I don’t see why some are calling this thing a dbl tap. It is not another circuit to draw amps.

It’s not drawing, but it is two conductors under one lug, and different sizes

To tell you the truth, I have never seen these type of surge protectors installed any other way. Most AHJ’s require them to be installed on retrofit panel installations.

Yes, I agree.

Has anybody looked up the MII for one of these things?

My Sparky friend claims cost and quality. 120 a year every year for a device he installs for a onetime fee of 200. The FPL model is supposed to only protect major systems. The other unit claims to protect electronics. Personally, I have the FPL device as well.

I see surge protectors/lightning arrestor in half the panels we inspect in PSL. Tapped directly into the feeds from the meter.

Thinking more about it, when FPL installed our surge protector, I do not recall them needing access to my panel…(The wife would have made me move all the fishing gear). :roll: