Suspect wiring issue

Here is what was given to me by my clients.
I am looking for an opinion.

The wires have been fished through a plumbing bore. The will be friction. SUSPECT. The insulation jacket will ware and energise the piping.
Thanks in advance.

I have an answer. But I’m going to wait for Kevin W’s first.

My first thought is than notches or holes are not allowed in beams…

As far as having electrical and plumbing in the same hole there is no problem

Hole is over a post, not an issue. My only concern would be securing and protection of the wiring running up the post, and the bundling of the wiring going thru the hole (overheating) next to plastic.

This also doesn’t look like it is finished yet.

There is no problem with the plumbing and electrical going through that hole however everyone here has forgot several rules that are very important. Lets get the pro’s out on this one.

Thank you all.
Much appreciated.