Sway in roof....

It is hard to see in these pictures, but just below the end of the shadow there is a “buckle” on the roofing. I could not get into the attic because the scuttle hole was closed off.
How would you guys call this out? Curious as to your ideas.





there appears to be something going on in terms of settlement as indicated by the apparent seperation/settlement between the vent pipes and their flashings (if I am seeing that right)

Certainly needs further evaluation from inside the roof space.



I agree with Gerry, because I saw that line too, on both of the vents.
One of those vents is the biggest I have ever seen. What is it.?

Wonder how long paint will last on a stainless steel product on two of these vents. ???

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You talking about the sway in the roof to the right of the vents?

Probably warped trusses (if that’s what you’re referring to)


It is hard to see in the picture, but the roof (on the right side of vents) “buckles up”. Just below the shadow of the plumbing/heat stack.

Thanks to Marcel and Gerry for your answers also! You guys all help a LOT :slight_smile:

Pretty common here Greg, poor framing (as usual)…](*,) I would think by looking at the picture.

Hi. Dale;

Pardon my ignorance to yours here, but what the hell is a warped truss?
If a truss was warped, would it not show up on the ridge?


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Marcel…a Hump, Bump, Warp, Curve…in wood at the top chords…:smiley:

Junk trusses, they are very prevalent here anyway…:shock:

I have seen many residential roofs come out looking just like Gregs picture.

And then again they could of made one a little bigger also, and used it, god only knows.

I’m curious about this…nailed shut?

Could it be that the roof sheathing is not nailed properly?

It “could be” anything…which is why I would want to get in that attic…or defer it if I could not…left my xray glasses at home.


I have to satisfy your curiosity now :-). The scuttle hole was closed off, they actually sprayed texture over it! The whole garage was textured with “popcorn ceiling”…walls and all!

I just might have pushed it up anyway…can’t hurt nothin…but, you can always defer due to that.

Very common here. I cut the edge free with a knife (with permision if possible) and push it up. Just too important not to see the attic from my perspecive. Of course you where there and it may have been secured with more than just popcorn spray. It’s your call.

It didn’t appear to just have been sprayed. The scuttle hole was too smooth and you could not even see the lines where it was. In this case there was no way I was going to push on this and get a nice fat repair bill. :slight_smile:

“The roof sheathing appears to have a dip or sag. Visible sags or defects in the roof framing were not visible because the attic was inaccessible. We can elaborate on the possible reasons for this, but you should have a roofing contractor evaluate the roof or comment on this specific feature.”

If the owners were there I carry a release form where I hand write what I’m going to cut open. Printed is what could happen and that the accesses are there for a reason & should be left accessable. Pics look as if it may be 7/16" decking on 2’ centers, slight wave in roof. I’d say without getting in attic truss cord is bowed.

I’m curious about the ventilation. Was it adequate?

The sheathing may not have been nailed in that area but this is just speculation since there is no attic access.

Thanks to all of you for answering my post!
Anthony, there was adequate ventilation providing the soffit vents were not blocked. But I could not tell not having access.
Thanks to all of you.