GFCI Location

Would one of you Ontario inspectors be able to give me the ontario code requirments for the placement of GFCI in new construction. Cant seem to find my code book and it is an older book anyway.

The CEC requires GFCI’s:
(1) kitchen countertop receptacles within 1.5 meters of sinks
(2) each bath/washroom with a wash basin must have a receptacle within 1 meter of any one wash basin
(3) outdoor receptacles within 2.5 meters of grade
(4) Not closer than 3.0 m to pool water/ not closer than 1.5 m to a hydromassage tub/not closer than 3.0 m to the pool water in a spa or hot tub unless part of the tub or located behind a barrier preventing occupant of pool from contacting the device
(5) a) electrical equipment placed in water of pool
b) audio amplifiers connected to loudspeakers in pool water
c) elect equipment located within confines of pool walls or within 3m of insides walls of pool and not separated from pool by fence ,wall or other permanent barrier
d) receptacles located in wet area of pools such as lockers, change rooms
(6) swimming pool pumps

This was a quick list…gotta run!!

Thanks Brian I thought I was right just wanted to make sure. Some building inspector here is trying to tell an agent I work with that a GFCI is not required in a bath room if there is no tub or shower installed. I told the agent not pay any attention to him because he’s a building inspector not an ESA inspector.

AS Brian said, if it has a wash basin,it needs a GFI.
I have one builder that places it 3cm past the 1.5m to get past code.
He tells people that I do not know what I am talking about when I recommend one. I tell them what the actual code is and advise if they can reach it or their kids, to insist on one. They usually get one after an argument.