Swimming pool/spa WARNING

We just had another two local kids hospitalized after falling into a pool at their granny’s house. She was doing everyday housekeeping chores and didn’t notice the girls had entered her pool. Kids are in intensive care after uncle found both and performed CPR until EMTs arrival.

I know many of you exclude pool/spas so please at least check doors, windows, and gates. I’ve created a boilerplate from code and CPSC you are welcome to use or please create something similar. It only takes a sec to add into your reports and you may save a life and and lifetime of family anguish.

Further pool/spa information:

US Consumer Product Safety Commission Pool & Spa Safety Guides

Electrical: http://www.mikeholt.com/files/PDF/Pooldownload.pdf

By state: http://nspf.com/State_Links.html


The ingress (entrance) to pool/spa area door(s) and window(s) do not have alarm(s) installed and no secondary barrier is present. I advise immediate installation of these too avoid unattended entry accidents.
Pedestrian Gates Required: These are the gates people walk through. Swimming pool barriers should be equipped with a gate or gates, which restrict access to the pool. A locking device should be included in the gate design. Gates should open out from the pool and should be self-closing and self-latching. If a gate is properly designed, even if the gate is not completely latched, a young child pushing on the gate in order to enter the pool area will at least close the gate and may actually engage the latch. When the release mechanism of the self-latching device is less than 54 inches from the bottom of the gate, the release mechanism for the gate should be at least 3 inches below the top of the gate on the side facing the pool. Placing the release mechanism at this height prevents a young child from reaching over the top of a gate and releasing the latch. Also, the gate and barrier should have no opening greater than ½ inch within 18 inches of the latch release mechanism. This prevents a young child from reaching through the gate and releasing the latch. All Other Gates (Vehicle Entrances, Etc.): Other gates should be equipped with self-latching devices. The self-latching devices should be installed as described for pedestrian gates.

Thanks for taking the time to make the list and offer it on the boards, Barry.

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Barry, Thanks for the great info and reminder!!

For Canadian Inspectors, here are additional links in support of Barry’s efforts.

Safe Kids Canada Website, http://www.sickkids.ca/SKCPublicPolicyAdvocacy/section.asp?s=Safer+Pool+Fencing+Laws&sID=20563