Switch Over Tub

The Alaska statutes specifically state that Home Inspectors are not code inspectors. However, when I find something that I think is not right. I like to refer to the code to back up my reservations. Particularly when I get a realtor or contractor who wants to argue with me about “it being according to code.” So I don’t specifically go looking for code violations, but when I find something, I report it as such. I recently referred a seller to an ICC Certified inspector to answer questions he had about an existing installation that I questioned. He DOES get paid to look for code violations in that capacity.

I wrote up my concerns about the switches, particularly the switch over the bathtub, and recommended at a minimum that the circuit be protected with a GFCI in the panel.

Unfortunately the way they laid out the bathroom the only place the lightswitch could be moved, and still be by the door, would be on the wall outside the bathroom. Not actually a very expensive fix, but it places the light switch out of the room.

There is a big difference between being a code inspector and using code as a reference. Most of the items we call out as a home inspector relate back to a code violation, either as in the past or by todays standards. No one is suggesting that you state a code reference in your report. But if anything you call out in your report is questioned then you can use code to help substantiate your findings. Such as in this case.

I would have reported that by todays standards having a switch inside the wet area of a tub would not be acceptable. While it could be debated if this switch is in the wet area or not I would rather error on the side of caution that is why I would recommend that you consult with a licensed electrician to move the switch outside of the tub envelope.

But that is just me each of us has to do what we feel is in our clients best interest.

No debate…It’s in the tub space and subject to saturation…it’s wrong period and you can’t have the NEC define the space differently than it already has…I think 404.4 is very clear.

Again anytime a person like me posts code it’s for your educational benefit only…

And just so everyone knows…I did a Seminar in Atlanta,GA a few days ago and the HI’s their told me they all give code references all the time as they are expected to do so…so to each his own…I am just providing insite into MY world.


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