Why do we keep finding things like this, light switch next to the SPA tub. House is three years old. Shouldn’t the local AHJ find this?

The logical answer to this is yes. We all know reality is different.

I want to know how the contractor did that and walked away satisfied with a job well done. I wouldn’t sleep at night knowing I did something like that.

Can someone provide a citation of the code this violates?


404.4 Damp or Wet Locations.

A surface-mounted switch or circuit breaker in a damp or wet location shall be enclosed in a weatherproof enclosure or cabinet that shall comply with 312.2. A flush-mounted switch or circuit breaker in a damp or wet location shall be equipped with a weatherproof cover. Switches shall not be installed within wet locations in tub or shower spaces unless installed as part of a listed tub or shower assembly.

Thank you

Check this recommendation…

Nice illustration but that is not what the code says.

Just can’t be within the tub footprint.

That’s precisely why I asked for the code citation;-)

Are you sure it wasnt put in after the home was sold by the homewoner?

What did it control?

Be careful using those Carson Dunlop illustrations - some are from Canadian code rules, such as the 3 foot (1 metre) rule.

Someone could argue that the wall switch above the spa is not in a wet location. Not me, but someone … :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel

The light switch controls the light fixture over the SPA tub. The house has been on the market 3 years, never been lived in.

I wouldn’t put it there myself, but that switch IS NOT within the wet area. It’s mounted in a drywall wall… certainly not a wet area. It might get wet one day by some means, but it is not mounted within the wet location.

How about this Marc?

Location, Damp. Locations protected from weather and not subject to saturation with water or other liquids but subject to moderate degrees of moisture. Examples of such locations include partially protected locations under canopies, marquees, roofed open porches, and like locations, and interior locations subject to moderate degrees of moisture, such as some basements, some barns, and some cold-storage warehouses.

Is this a “damp location” by definition?

Mark, it just needs to be outside the tub line right?
Thats what I thought.


Is it not with in 6’ of a water source permitted only protected by GFCI to protect the light in the damp location


You drunk or just making chit up?