Sylvania Electrical Panel

Can anyone tell me if this panel has known issues with it or is a recalled panel? Its a Sylvania panel installed in 1978.

Thanks Larry,
Just as I suspected.

Just saw one yesterday with loose breakers.

Wasn’t it just the aluminum bus ones that were a problem? That sure looks like copper from here…

Just sayin’

They’re AL. You’re looking at the Mylar backing behind the bus bars.

That is just a Zinsco panel with a Sylvania label.

Oh yea, I see them sticking out there in the bottom. Thanks for the correction Jeff.:smiley:

Any service equipment or sub with an AL Bus in my opinion should be upgraded, and I tell each client that, whether they have a electrician look at it is their decision. Personally I would not risk a fire for a couple grand replacing a panel which in “My Opinion” should be upgraded.

I note their have been known “Issues”.

As JP said, the Zinsco/Sylvania panels go hand in hand.

Dan’s site has some good info for HI’s to look at as well as our clients to refer to. For more than one reason, I have linked information like this in my report:

if you mention Zinsco/Sylvania panels in your report, you will also learn that some Sparkies aren’t familiar with the issue


despite the fact that you are referring work to them, many will not always agree with your findings, as I have discussed this matter with several of them and recently, in discussing this matter, the electrician had never heard of the Zinsco/Sylvannia panel “issue” they “just replaced it because it was old”. :roll:

Dan keeps a list of Sparkies that are “familiar” with Zinsco and similar issues

Having replaced some of these breakers myself and seeing what they look like when I’ve pulled them out… I would be hard pressed to ever change my mind and endorse these panels.

Good info as I honestly never knew of the Sylvania issue.

Check this out…

Any of these panels need to go in the trash can…



Thanks for the video link Ron.

I just learned of the connection between Zinsco & Sylvania. I knew those were the same systems. I’m just a little mad at myself because of all of the panels that I inspected and did not call it out. When lives are on the line, ignorance is no excuse.