Little help from my friends on Electrical panels AGAIN!

Hey guys it’s me again Bob S .I ran into another Sylvania electrical panel .My question is are ALL Sylvania panels recall panels and how’s this one look other than missing breaker ? I did not see a bonding screw or strap ?? Thank you for all the feedback I can get to help out this newer inspector …

Bob, I tried to inspect each panel on its own merits and reported that. I don’t see a bonding strap but my eyes are old and I’m not there.

Good inspecting!

So this is not a recall panel Sylvania Zinsco?

I don’t see a bonding strap either. I did see some incorrect breakers.
Keep in mind, may insurance companies have problems with Zinsco panels.’s%20hard%20to%20say%20what%20insurance%20will,means%20that%20your%20premiums%20could%20be%20much%20higher.

I’m not aware of any Zinzco panel “recalls”. But there are a lot of misinformed, (passed around blogs) saying there were.


Vintage equipment. I could nt find a recall on MN: Sylvania SB20(20-40)C or CG.

## The Lifespan of a Circuit Breaker
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates breaker life span to be around 30 to 40 years, and it’s the same for the GFCI, AFCI. Because a circuit breaker is a mechanical device, humid conditions or corrosive atmospheres will shorten the life span.
Recommend servicing and replace accordingly…

What’s incorrect about the breakers are there not compatible with the panel??

Ok so I guess I’ll just write it up as missing breaker ,no Bonding screw/strap and possible outdated/no longer in production breakers …And client should consider a further evaluation by a qualified licensed electrical contractor…How’s that ??

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Well I was asking the other inspectors that are members…But that’s ok …Thanks to everyone for the input …Glad to have it …Hey Larry how would you write it up ??

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The Square D breaker and the ones with the blue handles I don’t believe are they type listed on the panel label. (A little hard to read from Oklahoma.)

Same as I said before but I am not there. Add your defects with the other’s defects and refer it out for correction or repair by a qualified licensed electrician should work fine, Bob. :smile:

The Sylvania-Zinsco panels that you’re referring to look like Zinsco panels with the “California colored” breakers (teal, blue, red). But will have Sylvania labeling.

My understanding was that Sylvania acquired Zinsco so there was probably design overlap with changes of labels.

The one in your photo is not of the “recalled” or more generally deemed “obsolete designs”.

I agree with Christopher. There was a investigation of Zinsco/ Sylvania, by CPSC, but the results where inconclusive. There is no recall. In my inspection I note the presence of these panels, what the issues are ( burnt busses and breakers), and point out that replacement breakers anf buss bard are available, but very expensive. Recommend planning for a panel replacement

Did not see a bonding strap. As for different breakers … Unless damaged, loose, or modified to make it fit the panel we would not call that because we see it 6 times a week with no problem.

The panel itself … case by case. If in doubt refer to an electrician. Lotta BS on panel recalls that aren’t


That is for sure, Dan!

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Lotta amateur electrical gurus

That’s the problem an Electrician is the one who installed this crap …I always tell my customers they need a Licensed and bonded electrical contractor…

Simply because a breaker has been made to fit in a panel does not mean there will be no issues. Poor contact can lead to bus failure or worse. Unless a classified breaker is used, the breaker should match the panel.


Exactly … I’ve seen different brands of breakers for 35 yrs AND when damaged, loose, or modified to make it fit the panel we call that out, OTHERWISE we see panels with different breakers 6 times a week with no problem as long as they fit and go into place adequately.

I think you are missing the issue. Unless it is listed for use in the panel it is wrong.