Sylvania Panel

I am well aware of zinsco panels and their lap over to sylvania. This sylvania has none of the zinsco breaker colors but does appear to have AL buss bars.

I have been told some sylvania / zinsco models are accepable. I am trying to determine if this is 1 of them or not. any help is appreciated.




You were misinformed based on this statement

But this is not a cross-over. No problems are associated with this panel.

I guess I can’t type either, “accepable”? Can you clarify or point me to materials to be able to always judge these? I read that the AL buss with CU breaker clamps was part of the problem. Some sylvania have it some don’t. Some sylvania have the mult-colored magna-trip, some don’t.

There are several variations, but the “cross-over” is simply a Zinsco panel with a Sylvania sticker - no design change whatsoever.

The thing to look for is the blade type bus bars. They may be AL or CU (copper). The earliest of Zinsco did not have bus bars, but the breakers are a dead giveaway. The last photo is the feed-thru type Zinsco breakers, prior to the copper bus bars.






Again, you’ve been misinformed. Read up on Zinsco here

“Magnatrip” is from their original design and is simply a reference to their “new” technology from the years where fuses were the norm. As breakers became more popular, they stopped branding “Magnatrip.”

Thanks Jeff, Real Zinsco or sylvania with the pretty breaker handles I had no trouble with, but now I have a definitive item to check.

I was typing during your last post. is where I read it and this is copied from the site.

The point of contact is definitely one of the problem areas. Your reference was to "the AL buss with CU breaker clamps" which is inaccurate.

In any event, that site gives all the gory details, but if you come up with any questions, I’ll do my best to help answer them for you. I’ve seen a few of these panels in my time. . .

Unfortunately, these were sold heavily in my area. Approx. 50% of my inspections have either Zinsco, Zinsco/Sylvania, or Sylvania. Thanks again.

PS gave you a greenie.

And I neade to lurn to typo better.

I average 3 or 4 of these each week. . .


Did you note the green branch circuit conductors connected to the two breakers on your report?

Also, another defect item is when you see any circuit conductor that is “nicked” at the termination. That conductor can break when handled during any replacement or maintenance task.

Green or green with yello stripes or bare conductors are used for EGC and Bonding jumpers.

"210.5 Identification for Branch Circuits

(B) Equipment Grounding Conductor The equipment grounding conductor shall be identified in accordance with 250.119.

250.119 Identification of Equipment Grounding Conductors
Unless required elsewhere in this Code, equipment grounding conductors shall be permitted to be bare, covered, or insulated. Individually covered or insulated equipment grounding conductors shall have a continuous outer finish that is either green or green with one or more yellow stripes except as permitted in this section. Conductors with insulation or individual covering that is green, green with one or more yellow stripes, or otherwise identified as permitted by this section shall not be used for ungrounded or grounded circuit conductors."

I always mention improperly identified conductors in my reports. Along with nicked conductors, these issues are mentioned as “observations” and not necessarily “items in need of repair or correction.”