Sythetic Stone


Does anyone know of any manufacturer that does not require weep screed for their product. Had a builder advise me that his installer said it wasn’t necessary…told him to show me the manufacturer’s instruction…needless to say they are still looking. (lol)

I often direct my clients to:

It is an over rated product. imo

How are their windows and other flashing’s taken care of?

The bulk of damage with stucco and faux stone will be under windows and where kickout diverters need to be.

So explain to me how the water wicks up the wall that far please.

What are they using for moisture barrier?

1 or 2 layers?


Do you have a few pictures of the work in progress?

Or even the finish product.


All faux stone is IMO is stucco with man made stone for finish. With that said it needs the weepscreed just like stucco according to most Mfgrs.

Look at this at the bottom of the windows on page # 4 see how the tarpaper is ovet the bottom nail fin on the windows.

That is 1 of the biggest problems. That will funnel water right behind the moisture barrier.

The carpenters have set the job up to fail.

Watch this and see what they do under the bottom of the window.

The mfgrs. do not even know how things need to be!

And anyone that wants to tell them I said that I would be very grateful to you.


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To go along with all of that info I read somewhere the FAUX stone should be installed over 3.4 lath but I can not remember where it was, that is due to the weight of the stucco with the exposed aggregate finish.

ie:lick and stick stone.

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I will get you some pictures as soon as I get back from an inspection this morning.
The house is less then a year old, and all they did was simply mortar everything in place, be it around the windows, on top of the roof, etc.

I was able to look behind some trim boards and it is apparent they use
material similar to Tyvek.

I put on my report that typically a 30# felt is best used with this product.

I got go for now but will give you more info when I get back


When the installers fail to clean the dust off the stones, they don’t stick well and start falling off. Everyone should warn the builders about this.

Very scary issue when they are over a front entry on the 2nd level.

One or two at a time is a bad deal.

Wait till the OSB rots out behind it and it falls off in 4X8 sheets!

Hey All,

Sorry for the slow response, its been a hectic couple days…anyway,
part of our 07-08 state CE courses covered this area, including references from the site / link you posted. I found it very interesting…especially pictures…I like pictures.

I will try to post some pictures however evidently I somehow deleted the pictures from their original file other than what I pasted on the inspection report.

I need to figure out how I can put them back into a folder and or paste them here.


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You have to keep an eye on these guys they are smart!

Here they are;

This is looking behind the frieze board; the house has tyvek or
a similar house wrap product on same.