T&P Uphill and joins the PC drain from HVAC

The discharge valve is plumbed up and 'T’s into the primary condensate drain from the air handler which runs horizontally with an open hole (yes there’s water flowing past it … :shock: ) around and enters a wall prior to entering an unseen drain…

How many call-outs are there here???

2494 Etiwan - H9 025.jpg

2494 Etiwan - H9 023.jpg

all mentioned… plus PVC is not approved for TPRV drain line, but you knew that!

So BADAIR sez…3 ??

  1. Not draining by gravity.
  2. Joins primary condensate drain and
  3. Uses improper material - PVC

Are there anymore Barry? I’m genuinely wondering…

I don’t like the ‘open hole bubble view’ directly above the electrical connection for the water heater, but fail in the ability to convey that without calling people stupid…:roll:

So don’t call them stupid, just note the potential safety HAZARDS due to improper installation and unapproved materials.

Some other whiz-kid is going to come in and make the repairs you noted or not, you’ll go back out and once again find fault with the craftsmanship or materials used. What’s the big deal? Biz as usual! :mrgreen:

I’m done.

Here’s how we spell no fault divorce in Texas. maybe this is your case

Don’t forget the draft hoods that are disconnected and placed next to the vent connectors…