Take your best shot...

…at figuring this one out. I have no idea and just referred it to an electrician.

I would love to hear your ideas on why I would get a 30 volt reading between the neutral and the ground. Comes off a subpanel with neutral/grounds connected, house is occupied. No other info available.

You got me Trick Photography maybe! LOL

Stop using high input impedance digital meters for testing.

Use a Wiggy or something that puts a slight load on the circuit.

? ? ?

Ghost voltage or some people call it phantom voltages

And totaly meaningless.

Very correct
You nailed it
Right on the button

By the way what is all this talk about receptacles in a closet and a bridge? ](*,)

more KEVIN BS.

Different topic, same crap.

Neutral/grounds bonded

So they are no concern at all?

What causes them anyway?

I understood that, thought maybe it could be causing your reading.

So I’ve been looking up the ghost voltage and came across this. I assume since I was in the garage on the concrete floor I was a big human capacitor. I initially had my tick tracer out and it went off within 6" of the receptacle, that’s why I checked the voltage.

Mike L. or Mike W. am I correct in thinking that if I had the multimeter attached and then I connected the Wiggy, the voltage reading would disappear?

Maybe a bad neutral?

Yes or at least much reduced.

Don’t use cheap circuits Use something that puts a slight load on the circuit.