Taking the state test in one week!(Washington)

Anyone experienced have advice on what to study before taking it?

Knowing what state you live in would probably help!

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Nathan, the these until u score in the 90s and you will do all right:

InterNACHI practice exam: Ultimate Home Inspection Practice Tool - InterNACHI®


@nkupietz - Be sure to continue to re-do the Internachi practice test until you are killing it. Be sure to also review any local training until it is second nature. The state test is a hybrid of local and national, and so ultimately you need both handled well. When you think you are good, do it some more. At that point, the test will pretty much be a repeat and you should be good to go, but it is a mix of both state and national items. The Internachi practice was great for me as my training was all local based and more focused for WA only, but discussed some of the national things too. If you have a lacking subject, re-do those Internachi subjects until you are losing your mind. If not, you get to pay more to re-do it…Good luck. I am in Maple Valley - If you run into questions in the field, feel free to reach out as needed. Or email me directly and I will give you my cell.

Thanks a lot.
I can pass the practice test every time but plumbing is my weak point. :confused:
I’m taking every test i get less than 90 on!