Taking Washington State Exam Tomorrow

Hi Everyone. This is my first post in these forums. My name is Isaac and i am working towards becoming a licensed home inspector.

I have fulfilled all my Washington State requirements and I am taking my exam tomorrow (friday) morning at 9am. I have been studying hard for it, hoping to pass it. As of January 1st, the state changed the law. If I fail the test, they now require 30 days before the test can be taken again.

I am wondering if you have any pointers or advise? What can I expect? It is close to the practice test here on Nachi? I have passed the practice test 3 times with 87% or better. I also have a flash card app on my phone that I have been using a lot.

Thanks and I am looking forward to being a member of these forums.

Welcome, Isaac!

Your time is now to see what you soaked up during your pre exam studying.

Relax, read the questions and comprehend what they are asking. On some exams there are more that one potential answer. Pick the best answer for the question content.

Some like to answer the questions that they are sure of, because later questions may give a hint as to the earlier question’s answer. Then, re-read the questions again that maybe they were not quite sure of after the first go through is finished. (I am assuming that the questions for your state are multiple choice.)

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip Larry. We will find out tomorrow.

I was surprised to see allot of questions about clearance’s, (kitchen, bathrooms) but that was 4 years ago. I found the WSDA test for the pest license more challenging. At this point, the best tip I can give you is to take your time during the test.

get retaking the test out of your vocabulary & off your mind
focus on the question wording
if you’ve prepared to your utmost you’ll ace this

I passed it today. Found it quite simple actually. I am very excited. Now I get to move onto licensing!

Thanks for the Tips! I did save the questions i did not know for the end. Other clues in other questions helped me answer those at the end. It worked well.


Congrats Isaac

Congratulations, Isaac! :slight_smile: