Tankless & BRAINLESS

House was built in 2002. I’m so sure that the home owner did most of the work (He’s a truck driver). Have at it guy’s. This is a small amount of the problems. But see if you can find the fire hazard. ](*,)

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Reminds me of the time I was ice fishing and one guy kept catching all the fish while I caught nothing. I asked him how he did it and he replied “yommgmmo tmmmo kmmp tmm wmms wmmm” I asked “what did you say?” after spitting into his hand, he held them out and said, “You have to keep the worms warm!”
Well here you have to keep the wires warm.

Is that the venting system that the tankless manufacturer indicates for the unit?

Why the in-line power vent at the ceiling level? Is it labeled for this use?

I can’t make out the manufacturer of the heater. What is it?

There is just so much wrong showing in your pics!

Bosch AquaStar manuals are here:


That venting is so wrong…

Believe it or not this vent may be the right one for this model.

AquaStar 125BS Solar Standing Pilot Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Model 125BS-NGRequired Vent package for horizontal venting

Wiring and vent clearance issues aside this does appear to be the correct vent kit for this model. It is still a mess and should be corrected.

Michael, I stand corrected, I did not realize there was a model approved for sidewall venting:

  • “Horizontally venting to a sidewall vent terminator or a vertically constructed vent stack along an outside wall of a building
    is not permissible.”* (This much I knew)… *“A Powervent (Model AQ-1), with a proof-of-draft safety interlock device, is required and is available in order to sidewall vent.” *(New to me).

Here’s the installation manual for the sidewall power assist kit:


Can’t tell from the AQ-1 manual if B-Vent is required in the sidewall install, it is required for the WH in a vertical vent in the general installation instructions for the WH. If not, and that’s single wall, aside from the clearance issues, is the insertion of some vent pipe sections near the elbows reversed (female end toward the appliance)?

Oh my, doesn’t this guy own a drill? How about a phone to call an electrician?


No problem it didn’t look right to me either! The vent fan on the ceiling bugged me the most. I had to figure out which model this was. The beveled cabinet edges gave it away. I have not seen this model previously. I would consult the manual very carefully on this one but with so many other issues going on it needs someone competant to look it over.

My biggest worry was the fire hazard of the wiring and the fact that the joist are already turning color. TPR valve on bottom also didn’t have a pipe to floor on it. He used CPVC to within about 10" then switched to galvanived. What a meat head.
Owner wasn’t present but I’ll bet his wife is surprised to find that while he was out truckin, that she could have been home cookin.

Hopefully he has some really good homeowners insurance that won’t care that he is an idiot! He might want to update the life insurance he carries on his wife and kids. Idiot!