Tankless water heater

How do I determine the age of a Bosch unit - ser #FD68400260. Thanks

April, 2006

how do you read it Stephen?

30 second Google search result.

I have a question, hope someone can provide an answer.

How long will these tankless units last and do they have changeable filters?
When municipal repair, often the dirt has to come out through residential, normally the dirt goes to the bottom!


Expected life of these units can exceed 15 to 20 years. Annual maintenance must be performed on them. The inlet filter must be cleaned out at least 2-3 times a year and the entire system purged and descaled with vinegar at least once a year, maybe more depending on water hardness.

Take a look, several good videos on YouTube for cleaning tutorials.

Always check manufacturers instructions as well.

I meant how did you read the serial number. I didn’t have any luck on google, contacted the company, got the info on haw to read the ser #and a pdf on the unit to give to the client. Thanks for the help

Did you click on the link I provided? Pretty self explanatory with the big chart.

My Bad. Thanks Steve

The one I found today doesn’t match. SN: 7703311002 582 00429 Model AQ 250SX NG