Techno Pieux/Techno Posts

Anybody know of this product or ever inspect it whether in Canada, Quebec or USA?

If you know anything of it, good or bad, please let me know

Have seen it on a deck job about 9-10 months ago. They are a franchise outfit spreading quite quickly. A lot simpler than digging and pouring concrete posts for support.

The operator/owner had a pretty good story and seemed like he knew what he was doing when talking about different decks, deck with balconies above, etc.

Good morning William,

Screw Pile are a great foundation method! There are quite a few in Quebec and in Canada. Techno Metal Post offers a outside sleeve that is supposed to move with frost or ground motions. Good idea, but does not always work from what I’ve seen.

There is another company that does this. I’ve used them and I found it to be a better solution! They are known as Les Fondations Vistech or Postech Metal Foundations. They have an inside insulation that made more sense to me. Also they used an excavator, neat setup!

They have some technical data on their site too.
Hope this help, Good luck in your search!

Thanks guys!

Here in Edmundston, one of my friend used technopieux 2 years ago, in the winter the post got full of water and frosed

they had to install a new post in the next summer, didn’t had any problem since

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