Metal Jack (temp or not)

I have really never though about metal jacks much until today. Another inspector commented on the (temporary) metal jacks holding up the girder beam in basement. He said the jacks with screws on top were for temporary support only. I have seen them many times in the last 10 yrs. I have also seen the solid steel post also. Anyone have any feedback ? He sent me this link

CountryEst-BridgewoodCt 087.JPG

Well in Canada they can be… maybe… but your post shows that. Thanks for posting.

Jacks with screws on top do meet IBC and UBC codes, you just need to buy the proper jack. The screws will support 55,000 lbs on approved jacks.

Agreed and actually the ones we use have a hole for a stop pin. But they are rated and used here widely.

They make permanent adjustable metal posts.
Has it been there 5 years or 60? by your pic the home is older.
I worry more about the thin gauge telescoping ones personally.

This is the best part Sam, if he personally sent you this link, read the link.
In new buildings and in new construction, you may find that the single piece adjustable column is labeled with a reference to an ICC-ES Report, a BOCA Report or a CCMC Evaluation. This means that it has been independently evaluated and found fit for permanent structural use.

Read the friggin paper, its says if approved, “single piece” adjustable can be used. NOT telescoping.
I have seen telescoping used in homes that are well into 50 years plus. I just report that they are no longer allowed but probably acceptable 50 years ago. They are working.

They also need proper fastening both top and bottom .
I would not say two bent nails is a proper fastening.

Should have lags at the top and the furring strips should have been cut back so that the metal plate rested directly against framing.

Actually looking at picture, a lot of unanswered questions.

Looks like maybe this was added to place stairway. And support put in place to support structural beams which were cut off during construction.

But what is supporting header over doorway… is there a post on other side of stairway as well. Hard to say with only part of the story, but just looks not quite right. Looks like it might be a bearing wall above… if so and if this was cut out… where did they add in additional supports.

The biggest issue with these jacks is the top plate is too thin to support much weight. I typically see the plate bending, which allows the screw to penetrate the wood beam.