Tee Vent connection & dirt leg.

I am suspect of the tee connection above the tank as I believe CO can spill out. I have never seen one installed like this. Am I correct or is this OK.

The dirt leg is missing, because if it was installed correctly you wouldnt be able to open the filter door.

Thanks for any input on the vent.


72106 Parma 042 (Small).jpg

72106 Parma 041 (Small).jpg

I believe you are correct David. The exhaust vent should slope up.
Where does the tee go to?

Sizing is incorrect also.

The main flue must be the size of the largest plus half of the second.

P/T valve pipe not w/in 6" of floor.


The Tee or wye is from the furnace. I did document the PT extension.

I just didnt look right and I recommended that it would be corrected so it wouldnt backdraft.


in ohio the furnace flue has to vent below the water heater flue. i have installed heating and air for 17 years.the way this is flued will cause water heater to back draft. needs fixed