Teeing this one up for defect identification - take your best shot

Approximately four year old roof. Mostly observed on the south facing planes. I may be out of bounds, but I do have my own theory.





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P6090042 (Custom).JPG

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I’ll toss out an obvious guess, hail damage?
Photo 2 in particular looks like an impact indentation.

Possible, but I don’t think so.

Was that home near the tee-box?

I suspect you are correct, as Chuck’s subliminal message confirms. :wink:

I think they got this row of houses a little too close to the fairway which ran south to north. Apparently the golfers at this course are real duffers. I’ve seen houses on golf courses before, but never this kind of carnage.

The yards were full of balls and all the windows covered in chicken wire. Some of the houses had shattered plumbing vents. Pretty rough on the houses with Hardie siding too (this was the house next door - there are actually a lot more craters than you can see in the photo).



P6090059 (Custom).JPG

P6090060 (Custom).JPG


Yep, the first time I saw similar I couldn’t believe golf balls could dent/penetrate Hardie Board like that. One house I inspected had a large uncovered deck and a trampoline in the back yard so clearly there were both grown-ups and children using the back yard. I explained what the holes were and the client’s kinda looked at each other like “maybe this isn’t the house for us and the kids”. Don’t know if they bought it or not and I certainly didn’t advise one way or the other.

Just to add to the discussion. I know that ultimately it is the individual golfers responsibility for any damage caused, but would a golf course have any liability, for instance, they placed the fairway too close to the property lines? Just curious because you know that most golfers aren’t going to do anything.


Holy crap, could you imagine the noise that would cause lol…would probably give a dog PTSD

Wow. I can’t imagine how the golf course can handle the liability.

That would all depend on who built first (golf course or subdivision) what kind of agreement was made for the land and if they are required to sign anything when selling or buying the home per the golf course or city itself. I’d have to imagine with how bad some of these houses are that the course was there first and made sure they weren’t liable for any damage to the property considering how many homes are damaged but not repaired. Either way it can’t be great for property values.

Here is a close up of a golf ball vs. Hardi. This house was just to the right of the green, on a par 5. As hard as the hit was, at this location, I’m pretty sure that it was deliberate.

Even the dimples transferred.

For some ridiculous reason having a golf course view from your house is actually considered to be a bonus that people pay extra for. Who wants to watch ridiculously dressed idiots chasing little balls in electric clown cars?

Well just to add something to the “golf course view adds value” conversation…We have one and now maybe 2 golf courses locally that are closing some or all of the course and the land is being sold off for redevelopment. Think that is going well? LMAO

I can say from experience; living next to a high-end country club golf course, with no fence between your yard and the fairway, teaching your dog to fetch thrown balls is not a good idea.

Reminds me of a foreclosure home I was showing when I worked as a Realtor. The living room window was broken and covered with plywood, and there were maybe 40 to 50 holes of uniform size in the inside wall surrounding it. The path of whatever had caused the holes all seemed to point to a spot at the opposite end of the room a few inches above the floor. The verdict was unanimous. Pre-move-out driving practice. I imagine there was a pretty good collection of golf balls inside that wall!