Looked ok from the ground

Seller disclosed roof had undergone a couple of hail storms but had been repaired.
I don’t understand their definition of repair as I observed no shingle replacement

gona be a fight between buyer and seller on this one


looks like someone was dancing up there…

They won’t notice from the ground that I did not do any repairs. :mrgreen::wink:

maybe that is code for "we cashed the insurance check "

Good thinking Jim, see how you are teaching those things to new Contractors. :):wink:

They would of made it if this was KC Or Bolder Co

One out of three roofs I have inspected in the last three years have “impact” damage of some kind. How do you know it is hail for sure? Could be shot gun, golf ball, baseball, etc. If it is prevelant, most likely hail. I see it from the ground often.

Gary Gary Gary you BS your friends in KC and I will BS my friends in Ok but please lets not BS each other;-)

I think I’ve heard that at least 500 times in the last 10 + years :smiley:


Roofs, HVAC and structure are some of the most expensive items for a buyer to inherit… if and when I can’t get up on top of most of 'em (roofs), I’ll stay home.

I am sure glad you clarified that you were talking about roofs:p;-)

I guess I stepped in that one…