Several U.S. manufacturers say they’ll eliminate a Teflon chemical called
PFOA from consumer products coated with the popular non-stick material.

PFOA, or Perfluorooctanoic acid, is used in the production of common
consumer products like non-stick cookware, breathable all-weather clothing,
and stain-resistant materials.

PFOA takes years to break down - and research has shown that it’s appearing
in our blood and thousands of kilometres from the manufacturing plants that
produce it, in the blood of polar bears in the Arctic.

Not surprising they are even putting Teflon in windshield washer fluid!

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Is that by chance what makes tyvek so slick?

I don’t know that answer, but I do know that they tell people who are using teflon pans to take pet birds out of the kitchen . Apparently there is some off gasing that is fatal to pet birds when Teflon is heated. Sorta like the Canary in the Mine. If Teflon is off gasing and is harmful to little Tweedy Bird, what is it doing to us?

It has been found in high doses in the Blood of most US Politicians for years.

And some Mafia. :wink: Teflon Don? Get it? Ha ha… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What does teflon tape do in fresh water pipes?

Teflon is not good when it gets real hot. Like the rare occasion my wife cooks.


Holy Mackeral! That link is scary stuff. What are we doing to ourselves?

I have a parrot and was warned that if I use teflon pans to cook, the parrot will die within moments and that I will not even notice anything strange in the air, but the parrot will be dead. Scary stuff…I got rid of all my pans, and this was over 10 years ago!!! I explain this to people and they looked at me llike I was the crazy one. Well over ten years later and NOW they are finally making it known. Yes the parrot is alive and well and yaking at me all the time, or is it my wife hard to tell as the parrot can do her voice to a T. I just keep saying YES DEAR and I seem to stay out of trouble.

All of our non-stick cookware just went into the garbage!

Does that mean teflon coated bullets are bad for varmints?
Prariedogs ground squirrels crows and such!

Are those varmits wearing vests?:slight_smile:

Fur and some feather coats!
No body armour