Tell me what you see or would tell your client

This was on a inspection for a one year warranty I am making a statement to the owner about this supply air plenum what would you say.

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Your just lucky now tell me what you would really put in a report don’t be shy I have difficulty hearing, speak up:mrgreen:

Certainly depends on if the plenum is insulated or not. Most of the time the sleeves at the plenum are not sealed… and I’ve never been a fan of flex duct…

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The take offs were sealed just not very pretty and certinally not the way I would have installed them and yes the plenum was insulated to the inside just not visible. I am looking for more don’t make me smoke your computer;-)

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Incorrectly sized ducts which will result in poor air distribution. Recommend that…

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110 Inspectors could not determine what to say about this. I present you with Pic # 1. you decide what to call it

Is the plenum to small to deliver balanced air flow?

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I had no problem with the size of the duct but your getting close to my statement to the owner:D

The location of the ducts on the plenum…

Yes sir BRO ya got it. When the ducts are installed at the bottom of the plenum it takes higher static pressure within the plenum to for the air to evenly distribuite into the duct system.

I was always taught to start just below the end cap on the plenum and proceed downward

This plenum appears to be constructed in accordance to HVAC standards , however the flex duct work and connections were not professionally or properly installed and therfore may be a source for energy loss and inadaquate air flow to registers. Reccomend a qualified Licensed HVAC contractor evaluate and repair as needed.

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I re did your statement and left out one word that is not needed, I and we have already evaluated the situation and determined that repairs are needed:D

BTW the client made a statement to me before the inspection even started that one of the bedrooms had a air flow problem