tempered glazing

Windows around a tub have a label but the label doesn’t say “tempered” (see photo). The windows around the tub are the only windows with a label. Does this label indicate the glazing is tempered?

IMG_2765 (Small).JPG

I blew it up and didn’t see the word “tempered”. Don’t say it’s *not *tempered. Do say it’s not clearly identified as being tempered.

** Glazing around Swimming Pools and Whirlpool Enclosures**

             **Q1:** What are the requirements for safety glazing in the              vicinity of swimming pools?
            **A:** The International Building Code (IBC)              section 2406.3(9) prescribes safety glazing for all glazing within              60 inches of the floor and within 60 inches horizontally of the              water’s edge. Please consult the local building official for the              required safety glazing criteria in your area.

         **Q2:** When glazing forms an enclosure for a              whirlpool in a single-family dwelling, what are the requirements?
        **A:** Glazing in doors and enclosures for              whirlpools shall comply with CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Category II. If the              glazing is in the wall that forms the enclosure and it is less than              60 inches above the standing surface it shall comply with CPSC 16 **             CFR 1201 Category II** or ANSI Z97.1-2004 Class A.

The word “tempered” is not required - as Mike so clearly pointed out :wink:

I can make out that it says CFR 1201. Every window I’ve seen clearly was stamped “tempered” also. But I guess this one meets the definition. Thanks. I learned something.

P.S. technically Mike’s quote doesn’t apply because it’s a bathtub, not a whirlpool or swimming pool.

** Definition of Safety Glazing](http://www.glazingcodes.org/faq.htm) **

Q: What is the definition of Safety Glazing?

             **A:** **Any glazing** that has passed either test CPSC 16 CFR 1201 for Category I or II or ANSI Z97.1-2004 for Class A              or B.


“Tempered” is not considered as safety glass under the IRC. It shatters.

According to the class I attended today (IRC 2006 Performing Residential Building Inspections) a code official is to reject any glass as “safety glass” that is not clearly marked “CFR 1201”.

Tempered and wire glass is out.