Wind mitigation 2

I have trouble identifying these etchings.

I’m not sure if they are impact
First one I believe it is, but the other not sure.
Could not find any stickers on windows and doors just etchings

Thank you

The one on the bottom says tempered, which indicates that it is a safety glass, but I do not know if it is “fully compliant”

Just a reminder, and I am sure you know this. Our SOP doesn’t require you make this determination. But, your state may.

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That is for Wind Mitigation
Thank you

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It has a MDCA NOA, but not an impact rating
missile impact rating: NONE

“at least one or more glazed openings are not protected”
Is this in, or do you operate in the HVHZ?

NOA_Trosifol_PVB_ultraclear_clear_color.pdf (293.1 KB)

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not in HVHZ
thank you

Thank You
This is in.
So I got these windows with MDCA etchings and doors with tempered glass.

Marc, that NOA is for the inner layer bonding the two pieces of glass together. I had to flip the pic over and zoom waaaay in to see the thickness of the glass at the bottom where it says .090

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Are you stating it is impact rated

No, I don’t know the product approval number but typically .090 glass is impact rated

Perhaps, but the specific window is not impact rated although the materials are “approved”.
My take on it.
Thank you Robert.

That’s why it’s so important to get the product approval number to make sure or make the call based on how good your E&O insurance is.

What some people don’t take into consideration is the glass may be impact stuff, but the assembly/frame is not.
So without a proper wind rating the entire assembly can fail.

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Absolutely. I tell guys all the time to learn to use the Product Approval Search page. Took me a while and I’m still figuring out some search functions for obscure products. I just wish they had a ‘Search all Years’ unless I haven’t found that feature yet!!!

So the house was built in 2020 outside HVHZ.
So my understanding is that “MDCA Trosifol PVB” is not impact rated, correct?
Thank You for the help

I already uploaded the document.
Here’s the front page again to read.

Thank You
I have read it.

You’ll have to research what the standards are for impact ratings. That .090 matters and you need to learn what it means along with the entire window system requirements.

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I was in the Glass industry for 30 years . that stamp or etching means that it a tempered Glass . Its just different glass plants

The first picture or the second?
Thank You

Any door Glass has to be tempered or any glass within 18 inches of a door