Templete Question

I don’t like any of the templates.
I want to make my own by the way I inspect.
I just can’t figure out how to delete all of it just to start building my own.
I want a narrative based template.
I did take one of the templates and saved it as a different name so I could mess with it and not screw up any of the others.
I know there is more to this question than one simple answer, but lets start with deleting all of it so I can start with a blank…
In addition, is there anyway …easy way to transfer all my HIP comment to HG?

PS: If there is a tutorial about this please point me to it.

A few of the guys have really nice ones laid out. Check in with Troy. His is tricked out like a jacked up truck with stacks.

Its much easier to keep the template that comes closest to yours and rename or move items around etc. than to retype many of the brand names to your Styles and Materials. Unless you are full narrative and want to explain styles and materials along with your comment. Either way will work.

Narrative based…can still have column headers for the inspector to click but the Format you select in our Print Settings can make it narrative. You still may want to keep a column header Exclude or Not Present perhaps and still have it narrative when it prints. You can also delete the column headers too and rename sections like Roof to Roof Systems or your preference. You can also keep the styles and materials of brand names so you don’t have to re type them.

You do this with the template changing toolbar.

We have been hearing from others on a HIP comments transfer mainly to get Kenton Sheppard’s library of comments and we may be 3 months out or less. It has not been a priority based on our list but we are taking steps to complete it.

I can give you more steps on how to edit your template but one of the
parts 1-9 Workshop with Russell on youtube goes over it.

send me an email Russell@homegauge.com if you want me to help you get started by remote viewing your computer.

One more thing…by clicking on the Components Bar on the left (which you see after you select template) you can select any of the Sections (in the middle) and use the 2nd tool bar above (Template tool bar) and move a Section up or down, Edit the Section, Add etc…or DeleteT button will remove it from the template. Do this to all Sections and it will be blank.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I have figured out how to delete and add components.
I want full narrative style.
So! I want to remove all the comment that are there and add my own.
Do I do this here see attachment.
I want to rework this to my liking.

Yes…at the menu line Template ALL Comments and your picture shows that you are there. Now you can delete these folders or open each and select all and delete the comments inside. You can also make sub folders etc

Thank you.
Thats what I needed to know.

If I delete one of the categories will it delete the comments in that cat as well?

Yes. By clicking SAVET when you are through.

thank you for your quick reply Russell.that’s what I needed to know thank you

I am absolutely amazed at how terrific the stuff is on this site.

The global list being organized is the key to quick report writing.

Ahhh a ghost from Christmas past.:wink:

As well as the local lists constructed from the global list as you stated. Having specific categories is what has helped me lately. Such as;

-Problem materials

Then instead of looking at 30 lines I can select the category and find quickly.

But I screwed up a lot of comments on my global list from not knowing what the F I was doing for many months. Then I watch some HG videos I grasp it and then can use the report how it was intended.

The category filter is what makes HG go round.

Jeff …

Troy who???