Narrative template, CYA pictures

Thanks in advance!
I’m looking to set up a narrative style template within HIP. Any advice on which template you would start with would be great.

For the guys taking large amounts of CYA photo’s that don’t go in the report. Do you exit the program when taking these? Take them in the program and pull out when doing the PC cleanup? Or use a separate device.

Thank you

Use misc section then double tap those going in the report to slot .

Thanks Bob, I’m not seeing a misc. section in the templates I’ve played with. Is that something you have added in?

Take a picture without picking a category and you will see it go to misc automatically.
I use my own method which is creating a exterior and Interior locations section in a template and then unchecking it from generation but you still see the pics and can move them.Same thing but when I double tap only need to use one slot instead of two which is hard to explain here .

When I take pics outside of the app, I simply just open the camera app separately.

And I really only do this if I’m somewhere where fumbling with the HIP app isn’t practical, like on a roof, in an attic or a crawlspace. I usually batch add them all back in at home, then go through them to decide if which ones are needed for the report and which ones are just fluff.

As for a template, I started out looking at the NACHI one and the one that comes when you buy Kenton’s narratives, and took elements of both. And then customized it include local requirements.

And as I go, I’m always coming up with new ideas to make the template better/smoother for me. It’s a bit of a never ending process, but worth it.

Thanks guys. I am using the default template. It is asking me to input so much info I feel like I’m spending more time looking at the tablet than the home. Hence the idea of narrative style, so I only comment on things that are relevant.

No rule says you must do everything on mobile.Just slotting pictures on mobile is half the report time.

The great thing about HIP is it’s a fully customizable turbo charged high performance workhorse

The bad thing is you have to spend a lot of time customizing it to get the most out of it. It’s like getting a turbo charged high performance car that you have assemble yourself.

Thanks so much guys. Big learning curve ahead.

As the others stated, on mobile any photos you take from the main list of sections are CYA and won’t print. You can also double tap the thumbnail of a photo from any section and move it to MISC.

Never noticed you could double tap to misc though start out there the way I do it so it would be redundant.

Really appreciate it, Bob, Dominic, and Ian.
I just sat at my desk and did a mock up inspection in mobile, default template, a few things removed like earthquake report, irrelevant to my area. I never left my desk, just filled in pictures of my laptop etc. Over 2 hours of mobile input. No fault of the app/software. Just putting in way to much data. I guess I need to develop a template that doesn’t prompt for so much information. Thanks,Josh

I can’t seem to figure out how to take a picture from the main list. That is the cya photo solution I’m looking for!

Good analogy! HIP 2017 Ferrari. My computer skills are 1983 Chevy. But learning fast thanks to all the help.

Click the camera icon on the main list of sections. You can also double tap the thumbnail of an image in any other section and select MISC to move it to CYA.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of the search as you type feature, moving images, summary review, etc. I posted a bunch of new tutorials on mobile earlier in the week.

[quote=“dmaricic, post:15, topic:113419”]

Click the camera icon on the main list of sections. You can also double tap the thumbnail of an image in any other section and select MISC to move it to CYA.

Thanks, that is going to be helpful

So how are the CYA photos taken under miscellaneous saved and viewed later after the report is generated? Dominic said they are not “printed” are they not generated with the report as well. Would like to have CYA photos within the HIP program just not generated with the report.

They’ll show up on the desktop version without a section and item selected. You can open the inspection (hzf) at any time and view them.


How would you extract those pictures to send out if ever needed?