Temporary support column fail

From this weeks inspections…
An eye opening view of why these need to be called out as temporary support columns!
Amazingly enough there was minimal downward deflection from the beam this was supporting.

Good eye, Scott!

And that is a good example of why they are, like you say, for TEMPORARY USE ONLY. :flushed:

But it was there for 15 years and we never had a problem!

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Thanks guys.

Exactly. I need to keep this picture with me and show it to people who say that.

Perfect… :smiley:

Kids probably knocked the pin out.

Scott, do you have a picture of the other side of the column where the pin was?

I don’t Larry but remember it looking similar to one of the holes above or below where the pin is.

The pin was never engaged properly to the other side of the hole for that to happen.
There should have been two pins also, so that might indicate the temporary column was to short.


It is installed upside down too.

Why do you say this?

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There is no upside on a temporary column, the screw can go up or down.

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Looks like an over loaded screw jack to me. :grinning:

I see a lot of the telescope temp post used in the 1970-80’s houses, I call then out. I see the bent plate a lot, they are very thin metal and that is one of the reasons they are temporary. The screw end is most always recommended to be in the concrete and disabled with the correct post.



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Thanks Marcel

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One manufacturer

John, I had one that looked just like yours on a job I worked on. P6230020

I think the trees they had used in other parts of the basement were better;