Is the use of these jacks permanently proper?

JMadden 036.jpg

JMadden 035.jpg

Hi Harry,
most jurisdictions do not allow temporary screw jacks for permanant


And besides it doesn’t look like its performing its intended function.
Are those on top of concrete pads??

Red flag due to improper support posts.

Also, The doubled 2x’s appear to be twisting a bit.

Better than this one:(

Multiple issues, top plates should be parallel to the beam and bolted, “screws” need to be secured by tack weld or bolted. Nothing appears plumb, are there footings for the support posts? Yes, the beam certainly is leaning.

I don’t come across dead ended beam floor supports of the like.

Neither have I seen short screw jack supports that set on what???
The support beam to the left is twisted also and the one in the picture front is showing a nice notch for that pipe.

Real nice work. ha. ha.

They might need to borrow Charlies Jack to help support. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Looks like someone tried to cure a bouncy floor.

And that other thing is a scissor jack, not a screw jack, and the code doesn’t say anything about scissor jacks…hahahaha.

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the help. Of course, after doing the entire inspection and finding only minimal issues. Bam! Oh, well, we can only report what we see. Thanks again! :wink: