Termite damage repair?

A client sent me pics of a repair he made for termite damage in a home he is selling and wants to know what I think. Instead of just saying I think its not correct or find a professional I tried to find guidelines for repairs of this nature. All I could find were things on “sistering”. Can you folks share your knowledge as to what the guidelines may be?

Copy paste of cust. email:

Jason as we discussed briefly yesterday here are a couple pics of a repair I made of damage caused by termites. I replaced an 8’ section of sill, and 3 sections of 2x8 shown in pics one was 7’ one 3’ and one 2’ and tied them to the healthy ones with the medal plates on both sides as shown. In your opinion would this be a red flag if you were doing a inspection? I would be happy to pay for your time to inspect in person if you think its necessary.

From what I see I rate it a “C+” maybe even a “B-”. At least his craftsmanship looks respectable. I’ve seen way worse!

Your first and last pick appear to be ok as long as the entire splice is readying on the sill plate. But the second pick appears appears the splice has no support (unless those copper pipes can handle the joist once it starts to sag lol).