Question to my Home Inspector Friends regarding a Termite Issue

Hi all,

I received great inspection services from a certified InterNACHI member after my debacle from last week I posted about here, and he brought along a Termite Inspector who found some Drywood rot on the Fascia Boards, but both agreed its limited damage to the Fascia and nothing in the Attic or anywhere else.

The Termite guy suggested I do a treatment involving injecting foam into the boards, and then replacing the boards…

I wanted to get a non-bias opinion from you guys who may have some suggestions about Termites, does it make sense to spend $500+ on treatment to then replace all the Fascia Boards??

I’m going to remove them and replace with nice new ones no matter what, I just wanted to hear from you guys if it makes sense to you to spend the money on treatment to only replace the board anyways?

What state are you in, so we know what kind of termites you have in your area?

Sorry, I’m in Miami Florida, termites on the Fascia, I could upload pictures of the damage to the boards if it helps. but its basically hollow areas you poke and the wood falls apart. (This is what the termite guy did)

You mentioned “termite rot”. Which is it termite or rot? There are different species of termites and different types of chemicals that can be used as foams. Have you read the termite report or can you send it to me. Treating lumber then removing it does not make sense. Removing damaged lumber and treating lumber that is infested but not damaged makes more sense. Facia may be damaged and needs replacing but adjoining rafter tails may be structurally sound but are infested (infestation could also lead into wall voids). I’m wondering if it is possible you misunderstood what he was explaining or maybe he did not make himself clear.

It does not sound like the whole house is being treated. If you just have part of the house treated, the termites will probably just move to an untreated part of the house.
I would remove the bad fascia boards before treating the house. Tenting the house is probably the best way to treat for termites in Florida. Maybe an inspector from Florida can chime in on how things are done in their state.