Termite Only Report

This is a first for me. Today I performed a WDI inspection and submitted the NPMA-33 report. In my report I noted evidence of carpenter ant damage. A while later I got a call from the Realtor involved telling me the only thing the lender needs is a termite report and not carpenter ant report.:shock:

I’ve never heard of anyone asking specifically for a termite report but she insisted the only thing that was needed was information on whether or not there were termites and not carpenter ants or any other wood destroying insects.

Have anyone of you ever hear of that and where does one get a termite only form?

Sounds like the realtor is a simpleton.


When I told her I never heard of a termite only report she said it’s not a specific report and can just be something with my letterhead. She said the report only needs to state whether or not there are termites.

Ask her if she can tell the difference?

Send her a blank form and ask her to point out where it says only termites.

Michael she’s saying the lender does not need that form for the VA loan which I know is not the case. She insists the lender only needs to know if there are termites and nothing else.

She wants me to make a report with my letterhead indicating there were no termites. How would you handle this?

Tell her you want the lenders number to discuss it with them directly.

V.A. requires the NPMA-33. The Realtor or the lender does not know what they are talking about. Contact the lender like Jeff says.

Actually I have the lenders number as she left me a message this morning. I just called her and left a message for a call back. I’ll keep you all posted.


I just talked to the lender and the NPMA-33 report is correct.

I would play nice and ask her for the lenders phone number so you can be sure they are getting what they want and to avoid having to do it again.

I would not do as she says on her say so alone.

I wish I could hear her reaction.

Maybe you should record it if it’s legal in your state…

edit: Sorry guys, I was on the phone. I see other already gave you similar advice.

RE’s want to control you, the inspection, and anything related to. It is sad that inspectors will bend to their wishes, when they should not, all to appease them so they will continue business with them.

What is ethical in your mind?

Did you happen to mention the unethical behavior of the Realtor so they don’t get screwed with financing a bad property in the future?

Vince, you should change the name of the thread to “DISHONEST REALTOR in MICHIGAN”

If enough of these no good conniving used house sales people are exposed, the public may start to think twice about who they hire in their best interest.

I’m glad you posted this information about a Dishonest Realtor in Michigan in the miscellaneous section, so Google will index it quickly.

I know this has already been answered, but I just thought it interesting.

“NOT A SPECIFIC REPORT” yet she mentions termites only…

The IQ of a property salesperson is reaching on all time low. But I always feel smart when I’m around one.

I don’t care who does or doesn’t see it outside of this forum. My point was to find out if there was such a thing as a termite only report. As it turns out there is not and the NPMA-33 form was correctly provided as confirmed by the lender.

As for exposing anyone dishonest in Real Estate I don’t waste my time with such things because it has no impact on how I conduct my business. Eventually anyone being unethical will be found out. The only thing I care about is providing my client with an honest inspection and report.

Not specifically aimed at you Vince… but meant as a generalized statement…

Yes it does, this thread is a testament to that.

Wrong… if everybody turns-the-other-cheek, how will they ever be found out?

In ethical circles… condoning an unethical act is the same as committing an unethical act.

Use the NPMA-33, include all observed acitivity and damage from all wood destroying insects and advice the parties using the form to filter out whatever information from it that they wish.