Termite treatment?

I got a call from a client I did an inspection for about a month ago to come out because his basemant started to leak the first night in the house. Turns out his next door neighbor ran a new rain gutter and dirgverted the discharge directly toward the foundation of my client. They are row homes with a common breeze way in between the houses just in case you were wondering.

Anyway…I decided to check the crawlspace under the kitchen addition for any signs of moisture. My jaw dropped when I saw this strange white fiberous covering on the soil. It looked like a big cob web carpet. I took out the blacklight and the stuff covering the ground did not glow. Asked my client if he wanted a sample sent to the lab and took a bulk sample. Relative humidity was 59% in the space and no other signs of mold on any of the wood surfaces. He called the seller a little later on in the evening and the seller told him that he just had a termite treatment done on the property because there was previous termite infestation before he flipped the house. The seller disclosed the previous termite damage and treatment, but forgot to tell my client about this past one a couple of days ago.

:?: Has anyone seen a termite treatment that would leave a strange white fiberous blanket coating on the soil that looks like a giant mold colony?

No, but I’m interested in seeing if anyone else has.

Hurry up and post the damn pics :mrgreen:

Here is a close up of the stuff I found. Now that I look at it, I can see some white granules. Anyone ever see a termite treatment like this?



Not I kind sir …

Wha Wha What?