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Thank you. One more question. And I may just be overlooking it. Is/will there be a way to download a PDF version of the report?

Hi Ryan - yes you can download the PDF after you’ve published the report.

  • Before you publish there is a “Preview” mode - this allows you to preview the report and still go back and make edits and changes.
  • no changes can be made after clicking on “Publish”
  • after you publish - you can always find the pdf download option for that report in the “Inspection Dashboard”. the button is in the blue section next to the map.
  • the final pdf report, as well as any documents or invoice you created for this inspection, will also automatically sync to your g drive or onedrive depending on the email with which you sign up.

Thank you.

I have another question. When creating a ‘checkbox’ type card (for example, roof covering materials), can we check multiple boxes or will it only allow one?

Hi Ryan - checkbox allows for multiple selections. Drop down allows for single selections.

You can edit or add to those options by clicking on “edit card”


Adeleine Luk
e: marketing@terreport.com


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