InterNACHI's free, online, home inspection reporting software now allows unlimited photos

The free online system allows members to generate Standard of Practice-compliant home inspection reports with unlimited photos.

internachi home inspection checklist report


Does your report writing software set itself apart from all the others by guaranteeing that, unlike theirs, the data entered into your program by the home inspector about his client and their home will never be sold or otherwise provided to a third party, unlike the others? If it does, you have certainly offered a wonderful product to your industry and to the public. If not … meh.


InterNACHI hasn’t, doesn’t, and will never sell any data to anyone. Same for our entire conglomerate:


Can you make the existing mock reports available to open? I started a new report and from what I can see it looks great so far…

What’s needed:

  • Integration with NACHI Contracts & Report hosting
  • Custom Settings (exclusions, constants)
  • Custom Templates (home, insurance, commercial)
  • Custom Cover Page
  • Summary Page

I just posted in the computer section about Google’s new Generative AI which they are rolling out to Gmail and Goggle Docs, this report structure coupled with AI would allow some very professional reports.

Nick, wish I was still inspecting I would use this reporting software, thanks for all you do for the profession.


Can this be used for other than mock inspection now?


Where do I get the report software?

Where can I see this software and get it.

Can this be used on a mobile device?

Yes. It’s used for the mock reports, which is one certification requirement at Home Inspector Certification Requirements - InterNACHI®, @kmccall.

Click the link above, @ggreen5.

I can use it on my iPhone, but it’s a bit clunky and not quite mobile-friendly yet. It’s really for those mock reports for CPI® certification, @jgilbert10.


Click the link above, @dferguson3.

Yes. You can open existing mock reports, but to upload new photos, you’ll have to start a new report, @jburkeson1.

You all are free to use this for other than your required mock inspections, but we built it originally for mock inspections. I feel I’m being dragged into the reporting software business… :wink:


Do It, Nick. :muscle:
With the amount of members we have, a modest investment into the development of a mobile-friendly and powerful software program would be something that many members would gladly pay for and it would turn a profit for Internachi without being expensive to each user.