Free inspection reporting software and appliance recall check. SIGN UP NOW.

Sign up before February 21, 2016 and you get an extra year free.

I get this.

You are logged in, but you do not have access to this particular page.

You are logged in, but you do not have access to this particular page.

That link is to an InterNACHI login page and for some reason it isn’t working. If you want to sign up, go here

If you want to learn more about us, you can go to for more information. But to sign up to get the special InterNACHI deal, make sure to sign up at and enter your membership number.

Sorry guys, my bad. It’s now live.

So, only for android?

There is a lot of talk on the website about how great the report is, but no sample report? No examples?

Why do I want to sign up if I can’t see the product?

That’s why I wouldn’t sign-up. I’d like to have an idea what I’m signing-up for first. Seems a little fishy they’re giving this away for one year free to everyone.

Not that I plan on switching from HG anytime soon.

I signed up, the video looks pretty good I’ll give it a go and report back.

Import from MLS is a nice plus

That is what I thought, no sample report. Like to see what it looks like before giving out my information.
Not sure why the wont show what it looks like. Isn’t that how you sell your product? :-k

You must live in a very rare area. At least 80% of the MLS info here is not accurate. Agents embellish too many things to use it as fact in your report.

So much for an Exclusive NACHI discount.

They give the same free year to everybody including ashi, nahi and the ashi school…

They offered 2 YEARS at the ashi conference… :roll:

I have been beta testing for about a month or so. Interesting but has some issues in beta. Better than many with promise but not up to HIP standard which you could not expect in a beta anyway. No video. Seems good for text reporting and photos capture is not bad but it get freeze ups. I was testing about 3 weeks ago just playing around and got a call about 12 am from the developer which totally shocked me. It is a active on line situation so my actions were being monitored apparently. If you add x number live reports before March something you are free for life.

And if you read their “white paper” on Realtors, under “certifications” they list ASHI. Hmm. Seem to be deep in the ashi pockets.

Don’t know where they took their survey, but if you ask 100 agents in this state, you might find 3 or 4 that can tell you what any of the home inspector organizations might be.

My question is, how exactly can a company last for a year, or two in the case of ashi, with no income, since it is all free, and still provide proper support and growth?

Going in undercover to steal a few new techniques? :p;-)

Since it is beta, that is one thing. But if I were to find they could monitor my keystrokes or actions during a regular inspection, I would be gone in a flash.

Thought you guys were joking when you said they didn’t have a sample report online…

Nothing is free. I’ll be spending my time and energy installing and learning new software, crafting comments and blindly looking for features I’m not sure even exist. I don’t have that time to spend without knowing if I’m going to like three final product.