Test Questions

Why do they not let you know which questions you got wrong when taking the Inspectors test? I would think that by letting you know this, that it would be a better way to concentrate on those specific areas.

What is the normal amount of attempts before one passes the test?

What test are you speaking of?

Please fill in your location as it might help with answers to questions.

I am in Los Banos California, and I am referring to the Home Inspector examination for certification,

Which Home Inspector examination? Be specific.

The InterNachi Online Home Inspection Examination that is required for certification

The InterNachi exam will not give specific replies as the questions change everytime the exam is taken. It does however tell you how you scored in different AREAS of the exam. So, if you missed a high margin of Electrical questions, you need to study Electrical in general so you learn about what you don’t know. Telling you the answer to a question does NOTHING to re-educate you to learn what/why you scored low. InterNachi doesn’t teach you how to pass a test, they teach you how to learn a subject so you are able to pass the test.

What Jeff said.

I am not looking for the answers, I would think that by knowing which questions that I missed, I would then know what I would have to focus on, I realize that they tell you which specific areas that need to be focused on. Thank you for the feed back

Providing the answer would be to give away the test key which is never a good thing. If you miss a question(s) in a particular section it can easily indicate more study is needed there. That is why they give you the section instead of specific answers. Reviewing that section even if only one question is missed is a very good reinforcement for everything taught for that section.

That is what I have been doing. Thank you