Practice Test Questions!

Can anyone tell me if the practice questions that InterNACHI has are actually questions that may or have been seen on the NHEI test? or are they simply just to help you test your general knowledge and good all round knowledge questions to help jog your mind? Thanks

Of course not. InterNachi has no connection to NHIE, therefore they have no access to the actual questions. The questions are based upon general HI knowledge (country wide information). If you live in Florida, you better know about ice shield and basements. If you live in Alaska, you better know about inground sprinkler systems and swimming pools. Everybody better know about Boilers and K&T wiring!

I didnt see any of the InterNACHI questions on the national test. No way around reading that 8 inch thick book. If you read the book and do the reviews you will pass. I tired just studying practice questions the first go around and failed with a 489. I then took 2 weeks to read thru the book and passed with a 620. Its frustrating, hard to swallow, painful, but a necessary evil. Lots of stuff in that book you will never need. Read the book!

I did 80 hours of classroom and studied that big, thick book. I still would argue going on ONE inspection with a qualified inspector would be better training for a new inspector. is not a substitute for the courses at

Yes I am aware its not a substitute, was just wondering if any of those questions were to help in anyway or just to test your general knowledge. after all, it does say state licensing exam practicing…

Remember… knowledge is one thing… comprehension is another. Just sayin’.

The only values to a practice test are to help you understand where you need more training and review, and to give you an opportunity to feel the “Test Mode” you will be in. Practice tests are not there to teach the test and provide questions from the test. Any Inspector relying on practice tests to help pass a test should consider another field/profession or significant additional training and experience opportunities before charging consumers for their services.

The quality of an exam is based on the level set for measuring competency. Typically licensing exams will be set to a higher standard than extra level.

Exams for a large part should be based on the validating the knowledge required that meets the “occupational analysis”. Even then, not all the occupational analysis match, hence the potential pool of exam questions can vary significantly.

well said, although I was just curious about the questions. I fully agree that no-one should cheat a test then be out there charging for what is supposed to be a professional evaluation.

What is the name of the book you are referring to?

I’m taking the Illinois state exam on Tuesday. I’m hoping to use the nachi practice questions found here, I especially like the fact that you can check your answers. My problem is that the ‘check answer’ button is greyed out and inactive. What do I need to do to change this so that I can check my answers?

What is the name of the book?

What is the name of the book?