InterNACHI Online Education Quiz questions

Greetings, I have recently signed up to complete as many InterNACHI courses as I can. I have completed 3 courses so far and have a general question about the courses and quizes.

I have noticed that there are questions in the quizzes in which the answers or topic was never mentioned in the course. Is this on purpose? Or an oversight? Is this in hopes that we also do outside research? Luckily I have some construction experience and was able to ‘guess’ correctly on most. I thought I would bring this up in case you are not aware of this and to get clarification on this.



I’ve experienced this too, although I found it to be occasional and not frequent. Most of them seem to be an overlap in coursework from general to specific. For example, there may be a question on a quiz in “How to perform exterior inspections” on specific deck terminology that wasn’t covered in the course, but is covered more extensively in the “How to perform deck inspections course.”

My advice is not to sweat it, look it up, learn it, and retake the quiz until you get 100%. You’ll see a little bit of this type of gap and overlap, but its not pervasive. It will be covered, just occasionally not in the order in which you take each course.

Hope this helps.

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