test scores

I just began the online course this afternoon. “The 25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know”. I scored a 96 and was wandering if I should re-test to get 100? Also is there a way to see which questions were wrong? Thanks…

I don’t think there is a way to check which are wrong. You can take the test as many times as you want. 96 is good, 100 is better. I hate that they added the score to the certificate. :roll:

I believe you should be alerted to incorrect answers as you may think something very important is right when in fact it is wrong…

I do to. But too many government agencies disagree. They correctly argue that if everyone could simply fail an exam, look up the right answers to the questions they missed, then pass the exam… our exams would be meaningless.

That makes sense.

I wondered about that, make sense.

I asked that 10 years ago. :wink:

Thanks everyone! As Derek said, I only wanted to know about the incorrect answers to make sure I learn the correct ones. Nick G. pointed out a great point that I would not have thought of until I read some of the questions being asked by inspectors on the emergency forum. I guess I will go through the course again and locate the correct answers…

Makes alot of sense

On the other hand, you pass the exam by a slim margin and never know which ones you had wrong and go about your inspection bussiness making the same mistakes over and over again, cause the ones you got wrong you are still doing wrong.

Sounds like a Master Carpenter not telling his apprentice what he is doing wrong while he is being mentored. :wink:

Nick, I can understand that theory if you fail an exam but if you pass it you’re unlikely to retake it. So I don’t see a problem informing an examinee of incorrect answers to a passed exam…


And then we have a master carpenters making the same mistakes for ten years and home inspectors get to stay in business. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

We give the right answers to every quiz question in every course. Quizzes are a learning tool, not an assessment tool.

We also give the right answers to every question in www.nachi.org/qa.htm