All new InspectorPoints (for amusement only, beta testing). Please try it.

Must admit I do not like some of the questions that the point system is based on.

Are you saying a college graduate is a better Inspector?

Are you saying if someone does not pay $1,000 for a logo (CMI) they are not as good?

Those were the first two that jumped out at me making me not wish to take the test.

Who wrote this and what makes them qualified?

They are all just indicators. Each one individually means nothing. You don’t get much credit for having a college degree, but you get a little. You get quite a bit for being a CMI as it indicates that you have been in the inspection business for more than 3 years.

And that’s all it is, imo.

You are sent a confirmation email after completing which gives you the option to display your score on the scoreboard or not to display it.

OK then just ask if in business more than 3 years.:slight_smile:
But who wrote this?

CMI indicates other things too.

I wrote it.

Can you think of anything to add?

No time to go past first page tonight but will check it out later.
Just giving an instant impression that others might have also.

Notice you are public with the scores(names) so was wondering how it can be called for amusement only since anyone looking for an Inspector may think it is actual test scores.

It wasn’t developed scientifically, just a fun thing to score yourself against other members and then increase your score as you take more courses or whatever. Looks like we have someone on the scoreboard already.

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Should not be hard to give false answers to get a high score and impress the

I agree with Nick!
There are some that I have not taken and will be doing them in January during the slow period. This reminded me of them and why I want to add to my CE’s.
For some the **score **may be fair but others will have to work hard to climb.
I do not offer some things that bigger cities do like Infrared, Radon and WDO plus I am independent so my score will not match those that have this already.

Remember…it’s for amusement


For my amusement I cheated the system and had a lot of fun doing it! I see some one else did too! :wink:

Can’t believe someone would even think of doing that…


DUH… if you are listed as top score the public will think you are the best.

Just for amusement???

Bob, I sense that you may not be amused. This makes me very happy. :smiley:

I am very sad…Merry Christmas.:frowning:


You should have asked for information about, have you ever recieved any awards, such as, Member of the year, website of the month & year and the Gerry Beaumont award.:):):slight_smile:

If enough of us chip in, we can get Bob one of these

he seems to be needing it… :smiley:

I foresee this thread potentially derailing into a discussion of blow-up dolls for Christmas. :wink: