Testimonial from a new member

Hello all,

I had a few questions regarding the membership process and sent in a email to fastreply@internachi.org. In a very short time I received a email from the man himself… Mr. Nick Gromiko. During the course of our correspondence I had told him of the progress I have made because of the course instruction. He suggested I share it with all of you.

While I have no formal construction background my father spent the bulk of my childhood and early adult life in just about all forms of construction. I spent many of weekends and summers with him learning all I could. I am also the type of guy that will fix something myself rather than pay for it to get done. I was always interested in the construction field but life took me into retail grocery where I spent more than twenty years in the meat department with the last ten years managing the department. I am finally at a point in life where I can pursue a different career which brought me to InterNACHI. Now that’s out of the way time to get to the point.

I decided to take a practice test before taking any courses to see just how I would do. The results were decent but not good enough. I ended up with a 79 overall but two of the sections I totally tanked. Don’t remember the exacts but they were both in the high 40’s.

Fast forward to last week. I completed the required 120 hours needed to take the state test as well as a few other courses for good measure. I received a overall of 93 on a practice test with my two lowest categories being both 78. I took it again today to make sure it was not a fluke and received a 98 overall with 100’s in every category but two, and those were both 89. I am living proof that the courses work.

Also on another note regarding InterNACHI I also called today and spoke with Tom Zachar to set up a appointment for taking the proctored exam. He was quick to answer the phone and very helpful. He reached out to David Daza who will be conducting my exam. David contacted me shortly after and we spoke about making the appointment. He emailed me shortly after with the conformation of the appointment and his address. It was a all around smooth transaction and I am looking forward to taking my test in the next few days.

To summarize, the courses work and the support has been top notch. If you are someone that is on the fence about joining and starting a new chapter in your life don’t hesitate.

Thanks for your time,
Arron Buck

UPDATE 10/1/15

Just thought I would give a little update. I just took the test with David Daza and I passed. Ended up with a 93 overall. David was very helpful and asked if there were any questions prior to me taking the test. We also spoke for a bit after the test about some of the in’s and out’s of the business. He also offered his assistance if I had any questions in the future. Great guy!
I know I would not have passed without the instruction provided by InterNACHI and the knowledge brought to the board from all the Home Inspectors.
Thanks to all!


Good luck on your proctor exam.