My success thanks to Nick Gromicko

Whether you are an existing member of InterNACHI or thinking of becoming a member, This is the best association I believe you could possibly Join or be a member of.
If you are sitting on your butt and waiting for the phone to ring then, you are not following Nick Gromicko’s advice on becoming a truly successful home inspector. In his “bible”, he covers all aspects of the home inspection business. Read it and follow it!!
I did and I am booked into the third week of June which for me is 19 inspections as of today 5/31/2010. Prior to June I was booked solid for the last 3 weeks of May. I owe most of my success to Nick and I could never thank him enough for his pearls of wisdom.

I have been in the construction field for over 38 years so I have the experience, knowledge, and education to be a home inspector. Nick taught me how to be a great home inspector. I can’t ever thank him enough. I have put my own twists on my presentation and personalized my inspections but basically I do what Nick explained a home inspector should do and what not to do. Nick Gromicko takes the time to help as many InterNachi members as he possibly can.That’s dedication. I feel extremely lucky and honored every time I get the opportunity to speak with Nick.

A potential buyer or seller has many home inspectors to choose from but if you use Nick’s techniques, YOU will be their choice. The referrals from real estate agents and clients will keep you busy.If you Do it Nicks way you’re doing it the right way.

Thank you,
Anthony Cirringione
AML Home Inspections

Hey Tony,

Glad to see you posting on here. Glad to hear you’re booked solid!

Hey Tony,
You better lay off the booze and get some rest.

Nick has a lot of good pointers to offer, but booked three weeks out! Wow!

Welcome and good to hear your comments.

Hi Tony & welcome to NACHI MB. Congrats on all the inspections you have booked. I have NEVER been booked 3 weeks out, 1.5 to 2 weeks tops during peak season with an occasional outlier.

If you don’t mind sharing, what would you say was the single most important piece of advice you followed to bring you so much business?

Kevin asks:

The answer is found within your question. It is not one “single” thing. Inspection business success is spelled: S Y N E R G Y.

Anyway, Tony just called me to tell me “thanks” and that he credits this to his success:

[quote=“gromicko, post:7, topic:49879”]

Kevin asks: The answer is found within your question. It is not one “single” thing. Inspection business success is spelled: S Y N E R G Y.
…credits this to his success:]

Could not agree more!

I’m not a religious person, but I read Genesis and was puzzled to find all those “begats” in it “And Ezekias begat Manasses and Manasses begat Amon and Amon begat Josias….”

If the Son of God (Christ) incarnated into the body of a man (Jesus), does it really matter who the great, great, great, great…great grandfather of the man was? I mean really… wasn’t God important enough? Why keep track of all that lineage? Who cares?

Well the answer is that for any miracle to occur, be it the Son of God walking amongst men on earth… or… a home inspection business to be very successful… you have to do a lot of little things, in row, all of them… just right.

You are also part of my success. Always there to answer all my questions. I can’t thank you enough for all of your support and guidance. Your software has made my life (and my wife’s - she’s my secretary) so much easier. Home Inspector Pro is the best software for me.

Thanks again,
AML Home Inspections

Thanks Tony :wink:

Curses or sins of the Father are carried 7 generations.

HI Tony,

What book are you talking about?Could you tell me or email at

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