Just finished a report and was thinking of going to Wisconsin for ZZ Top tomorrow followed by a road trip .
Just then the phone rang with an Agent begging me to work tomorrow followed by an Email from the report client I just mentioned.

E mail went as follows…

*yes… I give you a big reward and have recommended you to my agent in case her clients need your help…:slight_smile:

go home and have a big beer. you deserve it.*

Guess I will not see ZZ Top but it could be worse.

Nice comments always make me smile.:mrgreen:

23 people have read this post so far. Nobody cares Bob. What’s a ZZ Top?:stuck_out_tongue:

I care that my friend got some good referral for a job well done…:stuck_out_tongue:
I think Bob deserves to go to ZZ Top and get some Tush…hehehe:cool:


That was the original plan. :slight_smile:

Guess I should elaborate that July was super busy and I was expecting it to slow down after doing two reports from the weekend but even though I am ready to get out of Dodge it is very hard to say no.

Turned down last minute trip to Fort Lauderdale this week already.

I get sick of doing reports however kind words boost morale and I am sure many guys feel the same way other than Linas AKA (The friendly Inspector) lol.

The same lady had just sent me an email one minute before …

Thanks. I am impressed and it is a very impressive report.

I had simply caught it right away and replied that I would use it as a testimonial so thank you Renee if you see this.

Thanks also James as you get the drift because I was simply caught in a down mood and it cheered me up.:smiley:

Good job

Good job Bob. Smoke a fat one for me.:wink:

Thank You Troy.
Not looking for comments but just wanted to post something positive not involving Politics or Religion.

Thanks if that is not meant as a Double Entendre .

What Bob ? you shun the informative posts for ZZ top. This is way we are in trouble .

Well they are from Texas…know anyone from there? :slight_smile:

Not personally But i heard everything is bigger there, It must be like a piece of heaven

I like ZZTop

Go ahead rub it in and I may cancel the inspection.
Appointment is at 5:30 pm so I lost out and never saw them before either.

Only big name so far this summer is Johnny Winter last week at a street fest.
The guy still sounds great but he had to stay seated.

Old age is coming fast to the rockers as they are now as old as the Blues men they emulated.

Congrats Bob :wink:

Is Johnny still alive and well?

Thanks Dom but not looking for Kudo’s however it had been a month since I got a email thank you.

Linas I never saw the guys face as he had long white hair with a fan blowing it from behind for effect.

After your link I know why.(Yikes)

ZZ is cool…I’m new here so just saying hi From Ohio and name is David Shaffer

Your first post sure beats the usual predictable rook questions.

Bob, raise you pricing, less work more money= time off

My prices are higher than yours Jeff.
I raised them this year and lost one to you.:slight_smile:

A couple times last week they balked but called back after I explained the lowballers are desperate or newbies.(not you of course)

Renee was actually one of them as her Lawyer recommended me .
Once they see how hard I work they know it is worth a couple extra bucks to have it done by a NACHI member…