Testing for Meth

I have had several requests as of late for Meth inspections. I am sure many of you have had the same request. Any help as to where I might find more information, knowledge , test kits for meth, cost for test kits, what to charge for an inspection.


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I think Jeff offers that service. Licks all the counter tops and sees how he feels in an hour or so.

Actually he has pointed you in the right direction, as usual.

Dang you Ian!!! You’re giving away my trade secrets!!! :mrgreen:

Jeff- Thanks for the info. I did watch the Video about the test, very informative. Nick did mention that a meth test is mandatory in Utah. I will have to check this out because I think many real estate agents may not know of this requirement. Maybe home inspectors as well.

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Go here to find the same kit the LEOs use for testing - I charge $100 per test - 3 tests suggested by CO Dept. of Health.


Greg- Thanks for the info I will take a look. Do you usually do a meth test on every home you inspect?


Keith - typically no - the agents don’t want to know (usually kills the deal) and the buyers don’t know much about it - I tell agents and buyers that if the house was a rental or a foreclosure (particularly if it is in bad shape) they ought to have it tested. I have been doing them for about a year and have done about 18 tests. People are shocked when they come up positive. They don’t understand that the same toxins are present if occupants have been cooking it or smoking it. It is nasty stuff and the liability is incredible.

BTW Keith - if you email me I will explain my procedure but not in the public forum.