TESTO 875-1i for sale

I’m located in Ontario, Canada. I’m retiring from business and selling my TESTO 875-1i camera. It was used extensively but is in excellent condition. It has a Super Resolution Technology that effectively makes it 320x240 pixels resolution. It has a thermal sensitivity of 45Mk, high quality 32x23 Deg lens, automatic hot/cold spot detection. It has a built-in digital camera that creates a digital image in parallel with thermal image. Includes all accessories, SD card and carrying case. All technical data and specs located here. I’m asking $3000 CAD. As I’m located in Canada I’m not sure if it could be shipped to US.

When was it calibrated last?

About 10-11 years ago.

Dear Robert, I can see that nothing changed for many, many years that I had
not been coming to this board. As in the past, you like to provide everybody with the information that no-one needs. My post was about selling Testo camera, not Flir or Fluke. It tells me you know nothing about Testo or German Engineering. I don’t think it is fair to compare apples to oranges. This camera is not made any longer. Similar new Testo camera costs around $6500. I don’t think asking half price for 10 year old camera in excellent condition is excessive. Besides, the price can be always negotiated with the interested person. Let me know when/IF you will become interested in purchasing this camera. Again, sincere THANK YOU for your 5 CAD cents.


Sorry you feel that way.
Good luck with your endeavors.